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Hi Martin!

Hi Martin,


I am Toon from MetaMarketing. Like you, a European in New York! I am contacting Index Ventures based on your investments in DataDog and Notion. 


We have invented and patented a way to automatically create a written expert report from any structured dataset. Our software automatically makes mass calculations, creates a story from the data and writes compelling insights and conclusions. It saves time, improves quality and uncovers more opportunities in the data than humans would normally find.


We are developing a prototype with Heineken and will soon have an MVP for consumer goods companies. My co-founder and I have previously sold to three quarters of all major consumer goods companies, and that’s why we have chosen this vertical as the first in our gotomarket strategy.


Ultimately, our patented software can improve the productivity of anyone who uses Microsoft Excel, that’s 1.5 Billion people worldwide.


I like to have the opportunity to discuss our business plan with you, as I think that we could be a great opportunity for Index Ventures. Looking forward to a first meeting to discuss our plan!


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