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Generative Data-to-Insights™

Analyzing data and writing reports is time consuming and valuable takeaways are often overlooked. 

Use MetaMarketing to automatically turn your dataset into written insights, conclusions and action points.

Save up to 90% of your time and discover all opportunities in your dataset.

ReportWriter by MetaMarketing uses built-in algorithms and statistics to automatically detect the story embedded in your data. Watch it write a report for you, with compelling deep-dives, comprehensive insights and pertinent conclusions.

Just add your thought leadership and creativity!

MetaMarketing: generative A.I. to save time and unlock more opportunities 

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A Productivity Leap in Insights Generation

Upload your dataset and write your briefing. What type of report do you want? What sort of analysis is needed - e.g. diagnostic or prescriptive? The web app makes thousands of statistical calculations and correlations in the background. It creates a "datastory": what relevant insights do the data contain and what business opportunities do they entail? The datastory is translated into text, with a summary, detailed analysis and action points. Chose to have the output as a Word or a PowerPoint file. And soon you will also be able to chose a video report!  

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