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Our Story

Organizations worldwide base their decision making on the insights and conclusions drawn from data. Large numbers of staff are employed to analyze data, derive insights, write conclusions and propose action points.

The way these knowledge workers operate today is not very different from how it was decades ago. Despite support tools – anything from Excel to Python – it is still largely up to the individual to formulate a narrative and propose takeaways and present it in a written report.


The process is time consuming and the quality of the work is not guaranteed. Incomplete or wrong conclusions may damage an organization’s performance or lead to missed opportunities.


MetaMarketing automates the process of deriving insights from data and turning them into a written report, with summary, detailed analysis, conclusions and action points.

Our Team

Helen Marks

COO, Customer Success

Co-Founder – Managed million-dollar projects for Westpac, Bank of New Zealand, HSBC and private equity companies. Former Chief Customer Officer for Investment data management platform, AlphaCert, and Senior Executive at Corelogic. Formerly head of clients at Accuris and colleague of Toon; responsible for Coca-Cola, Kraft Heinz and Nomad Foods in several countries.

Toon Deleeck

Senior Consultant

Co-Founder - Former head of Modelling and Analytics at AC Nielsen, managing consultant and co-founder at revenue analytics firm Accuris and colleague of Helen. Toon provided analytical consulting to more than two thirds of the top 20 CPG companies in Europe. He is the inventor of the Source of Business® concept, now widely used in the consumer goods industry. 

Bill Seibel

Member of the Board

Serial Entrepreneur. Previously founder/CEO of Mobiquity ($182m exit), Zefer ($900M revenue and a $5.3Bn market cap). Founder of 6 startups - Operating Exec for another 3. 
Author of 'Press Go! Lessons Earned by a Serial Entrepreneur'.

Discovery Phase: Enhancing Performance with Metamarketing Generative AI

The discovery phase involves a comprehensive investigation into how a company can leverage metamarketing generative AI to enhance performance in marketing and sales. This begins with a thorough assessment of the company's current marketing and sales strategies, pinpointing areas where generative AI can introduce efficiencies and foster innovation. We conduct an in-depth review of customer data, market trends, and competitive landscapes to identify opportunities for improvement.

In marketing, we explore the potential of generative AI to personalise campaigns, optimise content creation, and boost customer engagement. This involves using AI to generate bespoke content, automate customer interactions, and accurately predict consumer behaviour. By simulating various marketing scenarios, we can forecast outcomes and refine strategies in real-time.

For sales, generative AI can streamline lead generation, scoring, and nurturing processes, allowing sales teams to concentrate on high-potential prospects. We also examine the integration of AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance customer service and support, thereby reducing response times and increasing satisfaction.

Throughout the discovery phase, we prioritise measurable performance metrics such as conversion rates, customer retention, and overall revenue growth. By continuously monitoring and refining AI-driven strategies, we aim to develop a dynamic and responsive marketing and sales ecosystem that drives significant performance improvements.

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