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Generative AI for Revenue Growth Management

How Consumer Goods companies can improve Revenue Growth Management with generative A.I. from MetaMarketing

Many Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are using Revenue Growth Management (RGM) as a key strategy. The core of RGM lies in leveraging data to make strategic decisions that drive revenue, margin, and market share growth. However, the journey from raw data to actionable insights and strategies is complex and resource-intensive. This is where MetaMarketing steps in. Being among the earliest practical applications of the technology, MetaMarketing’s generative AI is transforming the way CPG companies approach RGM by automatically converting data into actionable insights.

The MetaMarketing Advantage in Revenue Growth Management

Revenue Growth Management encompasses several key levers: price optimisation, promotion effectiveness, assortment optimisation, and trade terms management. Each of these levers requires a deep understanding of market dynamics, consumer behaviour, and competitive landscapes—all derived from data. MetaMarketing's innovative data-to-insights technology directly supports and enhances these RGM levers through its three-pronged solution:

  1. Democratisation of Data Analysis: By simplifying access to advanced analytics, MetaMarketing empowers RGM teams to make informed decisions quickly, without the need for specialised knowledge in data science. This broadens the base of employees who can contribute to RGM strategies, making the process more inclusive and insightful. → With technical hurdles out of the way, Revenue Managers can now dedicate their attention to translating insights into strategies and plans. MetaMarketing handles the statistical analysis behind the scenes and generates (full text) expert reports detailing market trends, elasticities, growth segments, and more. This streamlined process saves Revenue Managers valuable time, allowing them to focus on enhancing revenue plans and strategies.

  2. Automated "Datastories": MetaMarketing creates data stories, automatically identifying the key figures and trends of significance in any dataset. Whether the RGM team requires a descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive analysis, MetaMarketing provides a ready to use summary of key revenue dynamics in the category. → RGM teams can use data stories to instantly understand trends and opportunities. Time to explore and analyze data is drastically reduced and more insights and opportunities are uncovered.

  3. Generative Data-to-Text Technology: MetaMarketing automatically turns data into text reports. This drastically reduces the time from analysis to action. These reports can be tailored to specific RGM levers, providing custom insights on pricing, promotions, assortment, and trade terms. → Every member of the RGM team can now communicate insights and recommendations much more efficiently. Whether for internal use or for communication with customers, Revenue Managers can now generate text reports with key insights and recommendations on any of the main revenue levers.

MetaMarketings Impact on RGM Levers

  • Price Optimisation: By analysing pricing data across regions, channels, and time periods, MetaMarketing can identify price elasticity of products and suggest optimal pricing strategies that maximise profit margins without sacrificing volume. Automated reports provide clear guidance on where price adjustments can lead to revenue growth.

  • Promotion Effectiveness: MetaMarketing analyses historical promotion data to determine what works best, under what conditions, and why. This insight enables RGM teams to design more effective promotional strategies that drive both top-line growth and profitability. The technology's predictive capabilities also allow for scenario planning, helping teams anticipate outcomes of promotional changes before implementation.

  • Assortment Optimisation: Understanding consumer preferences and market trends is crucial for assortment planning. MetaMarketing's data analysis capabilities can reveal consumer buying patterns, identify high-performing SKUs, and suggest optimal assortment mixes. This leads to more targeted inventory management and maximises shelf space profitability.

  • Trade Terms Management: Negotiating trade terms with retailers is a complex process that can significantly impact revenue. MetaMarketing's analysis provides insights into historical performance, retailer profitability, and market benchmarks. This information strengthens the negotiation position of CPG companies, enabling them to secure favourable terms that align with strategic goals.

Transforming RGM with Auto-Generated Insights

The integration of MetaMarketing’s generative A.I. into the RGM process marks a significant shift in how CPG companies find revenue growth. By making data analysis more accessible, efficient, and actionable, MetaMarketing not only enhances the productivity of RGM teams but also elevates the strategic impact of their decisions. The technology's ability to support key RGM levers — by automatically producing written insights and recommendations from any dataset — ensures that CPG companies can navigate the complexities of their categories with confidence and precision.

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