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Next-generation productivity tools
for the knowledge worker

MetaMarketing automates and improves the human process of discovering insights from data, writing conclusions and formulating recommendations.
Our technology uses a combination of mass-calculations, data story algorithms and large language models to generate a written expert report based on any structured dataset.

Taking Notes

A.I. Generated Insights and Recommendations

Organizations worldwide base their decision making on the insights and conclusions drawn from data. Large numbers of staff are employed to analyze data, derive insights, write conclusions and propose action points. The way these knowledge workers operate today is not very different from how it was decades ago. Despite support tools – anything from Excel to Python – it is still largely up to the individual to formulate a narrative and propose takeaways and present it in a written report. The process is time consuming and the quality of the work is not guaranteed. Incomplete or wrong conclusions may damage an organization’s performance or lead to missed opportunities. MetaMarketing automates the process of deriving insights from data and turning them into a written report, with summary, detailed analysis, conclusions and action points.

New York: 159 W 53rd St, Suite 26A, New York City, NY, USA

London: 18/2 Westland Place, London, N1 7TT, United Kingdom

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